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 Nadir's ALS Remission Protocol686 
 Anti-Fungal Therapy525 
 Stem Cells at "Hanyang University in South Korea"479 
 Lions Mane419 
 Inhaled Insulin404 
 PoNS Device383 
 Vitamin C338 
 Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil299 
 Placebo Therapy269 
 Dr. David Steenblock262 
 Stem Cell Rejuvination Center234 
 Perlmutter Clinic in Naples Florida169 
 Ketogenic Diet134 
 Wahls Protocol128 
 Stem Cell of America128 
 Wu Stem Cells83 
 Bovine Colostrum68 
 Stem Cells at Cell Medicine66 
 Dr. Steve Ray, Natural Biosciences SA65 
 Repair Stem Cell Institute55 
 Ibudlast and nootropics53 
 Dr. Milan Fiala49 
 "The ALS Puzzle Solved? A Theory of Why 2 Harmless Off the Shelf Hormones Should Stop ALS in its Tracks" by Jeff T. Bowles47 
 BuNaoGao (BNG)45 
 Bredesen Protocol45 
 The Healing Code Solution44 
 Steven Shakel41 
 Infrared Sauna36 
 Zinc (to treat elevated free copper)36 
 Electrical Stimulation/Bioness35 
 Dr. Joseph Jemsek33 
 Low Dose Nicotine31 
 Baar Wet Cell29 
 Sound Therapy29 
 Dr. Tomar Homeopathy29 
 Miracle Mineral Solution26 
 Patricia Kane Protocol26 
 Beike Clinic25 
 Music Therapy25 
 Macquarie Stem Cells25 
 Robert Morse Detox Diet24 
 Immunocal and glutathione24 
 Myers Protocol24 
 ASEA water23 
 California Stem Cell Center23 
 AZ Stem Cell Center22 
 Omental Transplants21 
 Intrathecal IVIG20 
 Swiss Medica20 
 Even Better Now17 
 Donkey Milk17 
 Proletariat Protocol17 
 Dr. Savely Yurkovsky and Field Control Therapy16 
 Dr. Zhu Ming at Huaihua Red Cross Hospital16 
 German New Medicine16 
 Hannah Yoseph's Conquering Lou Gehrig's Disease: The ALS Diet14 
 International Center for Cell Therapy and Cancer Immunotherapy13 
 Electroshock Therapy13 
 Ohio Stem Cell Treatment Center13 
 John of God in Brazil13 
 Essiac Tea12 
 Stem Cells via TCA Cellular11 
 Unique Access Stem Cells11 
 Global Stem Cells11 
 Dr. Lonnie Herman10 
 "5 Natural Ways to Fight ALS"9 
 Bemer Device9 
 Dr. Maharaj8 
 Hippocrates Health Institute8 
 Guanabenz Acetate8 
 Cough Medicine8 
 Nerium EHT8 
 Transfusion of a Young Person's Blood8 
 Unique Cell Treatment Clinic-Dr. Alexander Smikodub Jr.7 
 Daniel Hale7 
 Alpha Lipoic Acid7 
 Regenocyte Clinic run by Dr. Grekos in Bonita Springs, Florida6 
 GLP-1 (Glucagon-Like Peptide)6 
 Plexus Products6 
 Fish Oil6 
 Dr. Marvin Sponaugle5 
 Functional Formularies5 
 Weizmann Center5 
 Carolina Stem Cell5 
 Amen Clinics5 
 Huggins Applied Healing4 
 Keshe Foundation4 
 Europen Academy of Folk Medicine4 
 Stem Genex4 
 Plasma Transplant4 
 Green Hippocrates Company4 
 Unique Access Stem Cells4 
 Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields4 
 Dr. Zannos Grekos Stem Cell Clinic in Dominican Republic3 
 Fry Labs3 
 The Bronx Project3 
 Stem Cells in the Hospital Universitario "Dr. Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez", Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico3 
 Americas Nutrition3 
 Dr. Huai Yuanming, Ghang Cheng Myelopathy Hopsital3 
 Sam Ang New Biotic3 
 Laser Therapy at Juventas Revitalization Clinic in South Germany3 
 Mississippi Stem Cells3 
 Fox Valley Wellness Center3 
 Bravo Probiotics3 
 Better Being Hospital3 
 Multi-Ingredient Dietary Supplement3 
 Eliminating Ammonia Toxicity3 
 Maple Syrup3 
 Budwig Protocol Diet3 
 Wellbeing International3 
 JWSJZ Decoction2 
 Teasel Root2 
 IIB Medical ALS Practice2 
 Silicon Oxide2 
 Dr. Ask2 
 Nettle Tea2 
 ARS Therapeutics2 
 RIP1 and MLKL Inhibitors2 
 Bowen Work2 
 Goji Juice2 
 Joel Wallach2 
 C-60 sunflower oil2 
 Kangen Water2 
 Dr. Alice Fan1 
 Equilibrium Therapy1 
 Dr. Rau Protocol, Paracelsus Clinic1 
 Tahoma Clinic1 
 Integra Medical Center, Nuevo Progresso Mexico1 
 General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Forces in Beijing1 
 Dr. David Mundschenk's Neuropeptide1 
 Chlorine Bitartrate1 
 conium maculatum (poison hemlock)1 
 Dr. Lamano the Herbalist1 
 Meleceda Peak Performance1 
 Dr. Martin Hernandez1 
 Neuro Flam K-461 
 PDE5 Inhibitors1 
 Ellagic Insurance Formula1 
 Virtual Reality1 
 Body Code1 
 Lou Corona Diet1 
 Super Brain Yoga1 
 Vibrations and Biofeedback1 
 Boswellia Serrata Extract1 
 Vitamin E1 
 Lithium Orate1 
 Alpenpark Clinic0 
 Cold Comfort0 
 Dr. Shahriar Vaziritabar0 
 Dr. Warren Levin0 
 Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique0 
 Dr. Ohirrah's Probiotics0 
 Dino Cesta Protocol0 
 Chip's Method0 
 Yoo's Solution0 
 Cerebrum Health Centers0 
 Copper-green wood preservative0 
 Dr. Fred Fandrich0 
 Dr. Burton Berkson0 
 Dr. Ijebu Herbal Home0 
 Strobe Lights0 
 Equine Transeva Technique0 
 Caprilyc Triglycerides0 
 Polyoxygenated cyathine diterpenoids0 
 Curdaflavone A0 
 Rich Herbs Foundation0 
 ECCT Clinic0 
 Healing of ALS Protocol0 
 Regenerative Wellness0 
 Diallyl Trisulfide0 
 EZ water0 
 Doctors Data Inc0